Chapter 5

The Alchemist Simulator

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This website hosts the documentation of the Alchemist Simulator, created towards the end of 2010 as a by-product of the European Project SAPERE, and grown ever since into a full-fledged simulation framework.

Where to start

We recommend that you check out our showcase to understand what you can simulate, and our tutorials to learn how to fiddle with the tool. Once you are on track, we prepared specific how-to guides for the most common operations. To better understand how the simulator works, refer to our explanation section; to master it, building your own extensions and advanced scenarios or customizing what is available, take a look to the reference.

Alchemist for Academia

If you happen to use Alchemist for academic purposes, please add a reference to the following paper:

Pianini, D., Montagna, S., & Viroli, M. (2013). Chemical-oriented simulation of computational systems with ALCHEMIST. Journal of Simulation, 7(3), 202–215.

Here is a BibTeX for LaTeX users:

 @article{Pianini_2013, title={Chemical-oriented simulation of computational systems with ALCHEMIST}, volume={7}, ISSN={1747-7786}, url={}, DOI={10.1057/jos.2012.27}, number={3}, journal={Journal of Simulation}, publisher={Informa UK Limited}, author={Pianini, D and Montagna, S and Viroli, M}, year={2013}, month=aug, pages={202–215} }

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